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System Architecture

The INSTANTalarm® 5000 System using tried and trusted PINPOINT® technology is installed on a ‘ring’ using special 8-core screened cable. The ring cabling architecture uses less cable and is quicker to install than a ‘star’ layout and is thus less expensive. The number of data rings is theoretically unlimited. All rings are connected together in one or more Data Ring Junction Box (8½"W x 11½"H x 3½"D).

An INSTANTalarm® System can be linked to other INSTANTalarm® Systems using your ethernet network.  Similarly, one section of a System can be linked to another section of a System in the same way.

The 12v power for the System is supplied from one or more Power Supply Units rated at 4 amps. Each Power Supply Unit is housed in a gray, metal box measuring 13½W x 13"H x 3¼"D and requires a 110/120v mains supply and is equipped with a back-up battery.

The intelligence of the INSTANTalarm® 5000 System is distributed to each and every Unit connected to the data ring where its own onboard microprocessor controls its own functions. This system architecture is inherently much more reliable than one which concentrates its intelligence in a ‘central controller’ as it is not vulnerable to catastrophic, total central processor failure leaving staff unprotected and unaware of their situation.