Personal Infrared Transmitter for Staff

Of cylindrical design, the standard Transmitter is approximately 3ins long and 1in in diameter. Worn on the belt or clipped to the clothing, it is activated in an emergency by pulling the Transmitter from its retaining pin, instantly spreading upwards coded infrared signals towards the Infrared Receiver Unit installed in the ceiling. Because of its power, there is absolutely no need to point the Transmitter at the Receiver Unit. To call for asistance, before a situation becomes an emergency, simply press the recessed button on the base

The standard Model I312 Transmitter is manufactured from polycarbonate with a rubber base, which makes it very strong and light. It is powered by an energy store which can be topped-up routinely and whenever required by the Model I311 Energizer. No batteries are required.  The Model I312 comes, as standard, with a five year no-quibble guarantee so if, for any reason, it does not work or is broken, we will replace it completely free of charge.

To attach the Transmitter to the clothing there is a choice of a belt loop, two different kinds of clip, or a metal ‘dog lead’ style hook.

If a battery–powered Transmitter is preferred then the Model I216 BadgePIT is powered by user–replaceable batteries. This transmitter is in the form of an ID badge-holder. There is battery checking circuitry to warn when the batteries need replaced. Batteries are standard button cells.