Infrared Receiver Unit

The INSTANTalarm® 5000 Infrared Receiver Unit (IRU) has a tinted two-gang sized,infrared-transparent fascia made of polycarbonate for strength. The all-over, infrared window has a spark-eroded finish, maximising the area available for the passage of the infrared code from an activated Transmitter. Internally, it has special amplifying and filtering circuitry to enable it to recognise instantly the incoming infrared code from the Transmitter and distinguish it from extraneous infrared light from other sources.

There is a flashing green LED in the corner of the fascia to provide reassurance. It has three rates of flash: – 1.Ready, 2.Emergency alarm and 3.Tested or Assistance Call Received. Ready can be deselected if required.

The Receiver Unit is programmed in situ with its own unique address, in the range 001-799 using the Hand-held Programmer or it can be set-up to share the address of another unit to which it is connected. When activated, the IRU transfers its address to Display Units and Pagers via the data bus to which it is connected. The IRU will support Over Door Lights and other devices such as Panic and Patient Call Buttons, Door Contacts and CCTV. It can also be programmed with a second address so that the connected devices will, when activated, cause a different message to be displayed.

Individual alarmed Receiver Units may be reset locally using the model I312.7 Transmitter or the whole system may be reset using a System Reset Key-switch, any number of which may be located where required.

For external reception in a courtyard, garden or recreation area, there is a special External Receiver Unit (I523) which is housed in a waterproof (IP65) box. It is designed with even more sensitive infrared reception components than internal receivers, giving it the greater range required outdoors for the effective operation of the Personal Infrared Transmitter.