Over Door Light

In order to assist staff when responding to a call on the INSTANTalarm® 5000 System, there is an extremely versatile and highly-configurable Over Door Light.  Specially designed to provide a very bright light in a package that would not be a risk to patients, Over Door Lights can be positioned outside a room or wherever you wish, to allow for ‘follow my leader’ configurations, for example.

The I360.9 Over Door Light has many standard colors and flash rates with red the color normally used to indicate 'Emergency', green to indicate ‘Assistance’, orange, ‘Patient Call' and blue, 'Medical Emergency' with varying flash rates for each.  However, because the Over Door Light uses an RGB LED cluster, to generate the light, there is an almost unlimited range of flash colors and rates that you could choose.

A version of this Over Door Light is available with an integral piezo sounder to draw attention to it.  This may well be needed outside a disabled-access bathroom, for example.