Alphanumeric Display Units

The INSTANTalarm® 5000 Alphanumeric Display Unit is available in two models and incorporates a 2 line by 20 character back–lit LCD and, when alarmed, will display up to 32 characters defining the precise location of an incident. The 3–digit identity number of the alarmed Receiver Unit is displayed at the beginning of the first line and the type of call in abbreviated form at the beginning of the second line – *E* (for Emergency), –A– (for Assistance) and –P– (for Patient Call). One model has an integral ‘insistent tone’ sounder and another supports separate ‘adjustable tone’ sounders that can be positioned in areas specified by the customer and muted using a Mute Switch or Day/Night Switch. The tone of the sounders varies to indicate the different levels of call. Initially pre-programmed to individual requirements, the Display Units have a communications port enabling individual message tables to be amended and updated in situ by the Pinpoint Priority Service Engineer.