Management Information

It is important that records are kept of any incidents, which may occur. The INSTANTalarm®5000 will carry out this task automatically by either listing them directly onto paper using a printer, or communicating them to a Personal Computer running Pinpoint’s INCILOG™ software.

If a simple, paper record of System activity is all that is required then a printer can be connected to the System Supervisor or to a Communications Interface.

More comprehensive management information is provided by the Incident Logging System which consists of a Communications Interface (attached to the Data Ring) which is connected via its RS232 port to a Personal Computer. Information is received into the Pinpoint INCILOG™ software running on the PC. The raw data from the INSTANTalarm® 5000 – incident location, incident type, date and time – can be enhanced via the computer keyboard by adding such information as client name, client group, staff member name, incident outcome, follow–up action, etc. Various query reports may be produced to provide important management information.