System Monitoring

It is important that staff have complete confidence that their INSTANTalarm® 5000 system is functioning correctly at all times.

The System Supervisor is a surface-mounted unit, housed in a gray metal box measuring 8½"W x 11½"H x 3½"D approximately, and wired directly onto the data bus at any convenient location. Each Infrared Receiver Unit in a system is able to check its own ability to receive infrared and whether it may have been covered over and to communicate any possible problems to the System Supervisor. Further, the System Supervisor routinely interrogates each IRU in turn, thus monitoring the integrity of the data bus, whether the IRU is powered and whether its microprocessor is functioning correctly.

Any possible faults detected by the System Supervisor are reported directly to a designated Display Unit on the System and/or via a communications port to a local or wide area paging system or to a PC. In the future it will be possible for faults to be reported directly to Pinpoint enabling the most rapid response by a Service Engineer. A printer may be optionally attached to the Advanced System Supervisor via its printer port to enable the printing of the stored fault log and all system activations.