Our Products

ID Badge-holder (Panic Alarm)

ID Badge-Holder Panic Alarm with two programmable buttons. The smaller one is typically configured to request assistance, the large one for an emergency. Communicates using infrared technology, which makes our systems reliable and accurate in healthcare environments. The badge is antimicrobial and includes an anti-ligature neck lanyard.

Mobile App & PC Alert Software

Easily set up iPhones, Android devices, and desktop PCs to receive notifications. Works with our staff duress system and our patient-nurse call system. 

Pinpoint Mobile App

wrist band call button

Provides patients with a sense of security knowing that their call button is always with them. Water-resistant and antimicrobial. 

Panic Alarm Reset

A physical key reset is used as a master reset to clear emergency alarms from the staff duress system. Typically located in the nurses’ station or by security.

Pinpoint Panic Alarm Reset
Pinpoint Over Door Light

Over Door Light

Provides a visual indicator of alarm level outside of each patient room. Customizable to display different colors for each type of alarm. Works with our staff duress system and our patient nurse call system.

Alert Display Panel

Our LCD alert panel provides an at-a-glance summary of alerts and alarms in a particular zone.  Works with our staff duress system and our patient nurse call system.

Advanced Display Unit
Pinpoint Patient Safety Check Reader

Patient Safety Check Reader

Tap this pad with your ID Badge-Holder to log patient safety checks. Antimicrobial, anti-ligature, and tamper-resistant. Works with our patient safety check system and our employee checkpoint system.

Infrared Receiver Unit

Hardwired infrared receiver unit used to reliably pick up distress and assistance calls from the ID Badge-Holder and our other devices. Green LED indicator to provide an additional visual alert. 

Pinpoint Infrared Receiver Unit
Pinpoint Audible Sounder​

Audible Sounder​

Get notified of alarms or alerts via customizable sounds. It can be located anywhere in your facility. Works with our staff duress system and our patient nurse call system.

Healthcare Safety Technology​

Creating safer environments for healthcare workers and patients.