Patient safety check system.

Safety checks for high-risk patients.

Patient observation policies vary from state to state. However, the Joint Commission recommends that high-risk patients get periodic visits from caregivers. Hospitals can determine the interval for observations as long as they have documented policies and procedures. Performing and documenting safety checks will reduce risk and create a safer environment for your patients. Safety checks are typically done every fifteen minutes and are commonly known as q15 checks.

q15 checks used to be a lot of work.

Regardless of whether the visits are state-mandated or an internal policy, q15 patient checks need to be documented.  For each visit, you must record the clinician, date, time, and location. If you are still using a manual process to document, you are creating a great deal of work for your staff and you have a system that is prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Automated patient checks work better.

Our patient safety check system makes it easy to track visits without creating extra work for your staff. The only thing your staff members need to do is tap their ID badge on a sensor located in each patient’s location. The system will record the clinician’s ID, date, time, and location of each visit in a  secure digital log.

Pinpoint patient safety check system.

Our systems can be deployed as a stand-alone system or easily added to our panic alarm system. The same ID badge holder is used by both systems.

Safety check annotations

If required, clinicians can add date and time stamp information to the log from their mobile device or desktop.

Ligature resistant

All patient safety check components are ligature resistant and tamper-resistant, which are safe for use in high-risk areas.

Safety check log

The system will securely record pertinent information in a digital log.

Reduces clinician workload

Eliminates the burden of paper and pen logging of patient safety checks. A simple tap of your badge on the reader logs the pertinent data.

Safety check analytics

Our software keeps a secure log of all safety checks. The system can generate reports for compliance or any other requirements you may have.

Regulatory compliance

UL certified by ETL and compliant with Joint Commission guidelines.

Healthcare safety technology.

Creating safer environments for healthcare workers and patients.