Empower your nurses to
stop workplace violence.

Workplace violence
de-escalation technology.

When it comes to protecting healthcare workers, a panic button is only part of the solution. What your staff needs is a way to get help before they become a victim of workplace violence. A de-escalation button is a valuable tool for preventing workplace violence. When activated, it sends alerts to co-workers in the vicinity, allowing them to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating. This proactive approach enables staff to address potential conflicts early, reducing the likelihood of an attack. 

for healthcare.

Our technology is designed to meet life safety standards and is reliable and accurate in hospitals, behavioral health facilities, and residential rehabilitation centers.

Get help by pressing a button on your ID badge holder.

The heart of our system is an ID badge holder. On the front, you insert your employee ID. On the back, there are two buttons: a small button for initiating your de-escalation protocol and a large button for initiating your emergency protocol. Your ID badge will always be with you and can be used discreetly without agitating a potentially violent person. When you press your panic button or de-escalation button, the system will alert the appropriate response team and pinpoint your exact location.


Equip nurses and other hospital staff with a reliable device to prevent workplace violence by patients.

Behavioral health facilities

Cultivate a safe and trusting environment during treatment sessions and daily interactions with clients.

Residential rehabilitation centers

Prioritize staff safety by ensuring security during therapeutic interactions with residents in rehabilitation programs.