Protect Your Doctors & Nurses from Workplace Violence

Pinpoint Healthcare Staff Duress Systems

Reliable, Discreet, Easy to Use

When it comes to protecting healthcare workers, there’s no room for error. That’s why we designed our system specifically for healthcare facilities. Regardless of building materials or interference caused by medical equipment, our system will give your staff peace of mind that they’ll be able to summon help when needed.

Hospital using safety duress system

Built To Life Safety Standards

Unlike the previous system, we’ve never had a single instance when it hasn’t raised the alarm. Our staff finally feel safe – they know that their panic button will summon help immediately every time.

Rachel Blackburn

Head of Care Homes, Millennium Care

Hospital campus

Scales with your Needs

Pinpoint systems are designed so that they can adapt and scale as your requirements evolve. Many of our customers start with a pilot program in a high-risk area such as their emergency room or behavioral health department. Then, after getting feedback from staff, expand usage throughout their facility. Our scalable design allows you to grow to thousands of rooms across multiple buildings or campuses.

Modular Functionality

The hard-wired Pinpoint Staff Duress System provides infrastructure that can be used to provide additional functionality. We offer solutions for patient bed-check, employee check point, patient nurse call, and we integrate with many 3rd party systems.


Panic Alarm

A wearable panic button you can discreetly activate when you need help.


Patient Safety Check

Automation for q15 bed-checks.


Patient Nurse Call

Fixed, mobile, and tethered nurse call solutions.

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