Empower your nurses to stop workplace violence.

Workplace Violence
De-escalation Technology

Why panic when you can de-escalate

When it comes to protecting healthcare workers, panic alarms are not the answer. What your staff needs is a way to get help before they become a victim of workplace violence. Pinpoint’s de-escalation technology will give your staff peace of mind knowing they can summon help to their exact location when needed.  

Unlike the previous system, we’ve never had a single instance when it hasn’t raised the alarm. Our staff finally feel safe – they know that their panic button will summon help immediately every time.

Rachel Blackburn

Head of Care Homes, Millennium Care


Purpose-built for Healthcare

Our purpose-built de-escalation technology is designed specifically for healthcare, ensuring accuracy and reliability in its performance.

Get Help By Pressing a Button on the Back of Your ID Badge Holder

The heart of our system takes the form of an ID card holder, ensuring it is always with you. This discreet device can be used to summon help when needed, without adding fuel to the fire. 



De-escalation System

A wearable panic button you can discreetly activate when you need help.


Patient Safety Check

Automation for q15 bed-checks.


Patient Nurse Call

Fixed, mobile, and tethered nurse call solutions.

Healthcare Systems
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