Why Compliance Officers Love Pinpoint

Pinpoint's De-escalation Technology Stops Workplace Violence

The Pinpoint Management Portal is a compliance officer’s dream, complying with the legislation and guidelines on workplace violence prevention in healthcare.

As the compliance officer, you play a crucial part in ensuring that your organization follows laws, regulations, and standards related to workplace violence prevention.

Logging, Reporting and Analytics

  • Logs information on usage and incidents.
  • Provides reporting to analyze incidents and trends.
  • When the de-escalation or panic button is pressed, what goes on behind the scenes is that each scenario gets logged into our Pinpoint Management Portal.
  • This shows precisely what unit, time, floor, and call level was pressed.
  • This does not have caller ID and does not track nurses.
  • After an incident is resolved, nurses can log the details in the incident report.
  • This is especially important for compliance purposes.
  • Gives hospitals awareness of which nurses were exposed and how to provide them with counseling.
  • Usage tracking

Pinpoint Management Portal

Frequently Asked Questions by Compliance Officers

Does the system comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration Guidelines (OSHA)?

OSHA Compliance: - provides guidelines for preventing workplace violence in healthcare and social service settings. - Our system incorporates industry best practices recommended by OSHA to eliminate or reduce violence risks. - These guidelines cover management commitment, hazard identification, prevention programs, safety training, and evaluation.

Does the system comply with The Joint Commission (TJC)?

The Joint Commission (TJC): - emphasizes the importance of de-escalation techniques. - Our system includes communication, self-regulation, assessment, and safety maintenance to lower the risk of harm to patients, caregivers, and healthcare staff.

Is the usage of the system recorded?

Yes, logging is done through our Pinpoint Management Portal.

Does your system log incidents?

Yes, you can record information like witnesses, injuries, where the police called etc. Through our Pinpoint management Portal.

What information is recorded?

The time, date, location, unit, building, room number and call level is recorded.

What types of reports are available to me?

It comes with standards reports and the ability to customize reports to meet your needs.

Is the data log secure?

Yes, once the data is recorded by the system it cannot be edited. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Can I access this data from my computer?
Yes, it is a cloud-based application that you can access from any computer providing you have credentials.
Is this Pinpoint Management Portal HIPPA Compliant?

Everything about Pinpoint from A-Z is HIPPA compliant.

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